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Commercial Plumbing

Residential complexes differ widely from commercial places for plumbing services. The difference is that business premises require more detailed plumbing. There are rigorous laws and practices to be followed. Buildings that have provisions for pipes and drains regarding water and sewer are prone to faults. Infiltration, blockage, leaks etc can occur in commercial drains as well. We are the official plumbers of many businesses in Toronto and offer industrial grade plumbing services throughout the GTA.

Santos has treated numerous commercial drainage and plumbing problems in industrial premises.

How Commercial Plumbing Differs from Residential Plumbing

Commercial drain irregularities can be caused by a number of reasons. But the consequences are similar to the ones arising from residential pipes. Besides treating defected pipes and drains, we can efficiently install and create complete draining systems in new offices and workplaces. Some common plumbing demands of the commercial sector are:

  • Drain Cleaning – With highly advanced cleaning equipment like snaking and hydro-jetting, we can effectively clean any drain or sewer.
  • Utility Installation – Anything that requires pipes and drains can be installed by us including drinking fountains, urinals, sanitary ware bidets, toilets etc.
  • Hot Water Repairs – Factories need large quantities of hot water for cooling and other purposes. Abrupt hot water supply can cause a minor shutdown. Our plumbing team is trained to handle all kinds of hot water problems, be it installation or repair.
  • Water Conservation – Minor savings in anything can make a lot of difference when it comes to commercial places. Our talented plumbers can guide industries on how to lower your utility charges by saving water.
  • Leak Repairs – Pipes often develop leaks due to prolonged use. From locating the leaks to repairing them and even replacing them – we can do it all!
  • Maintenance Techniques – Our reliable technical team can provide great assistance when they are asked for help with preventive measures. Certain strategies or techniques to maintain your current plumbing systems can make a lot of difference.

Commercial Plumbing for Offices

Industrial plumbing demands in offices are undertaken on a large scale. Ignorance in case of plumbing matters will force you to spend both – money and time. Therefore, it is better to get scheduled checks done by our plumbers. Some regular maintenance checks that people in commercial settings favour the most are:

  • Maintenance and inspection of various drains and pipes.
  • Maintenance of bathroom pipes.
  • Inspection of washroom equipment and fixtures.
  • Service related to hot water heaters and pipes.
  • Cleaning of all major drains and pipes.
  • Snaking of shorter and less used pipes.
  • Hydro-jetting of all pipes and drains which accumulate solid waste.
  • Installing and maintaining industrial boilers.

Commercial Plumbing for Public Facilities

The various public and recreational facilities in Toronto are always out there to serve people. They are up to the mark and gleaming. Our experienced plumbing team provides plumbing services to public facilities as well. Such facilities include a wide variety of operations like:

  • Installing fountains in community parks
  • Installing public swimming pools
  • Servicing and maintaining public pools
  • Maintaining washroom facilities in public places like parks, stations etc.
  • Disposal of waste related to public drains

Extensive Commercial Plans

We are experienced to handle plumbing solutions for bigger corporations as well. If yours is a bigger firm with multiple offices in the GTA area, then we can handle the full contract of your multiple workplaces to carry out scheduled maintenance checks from time to time. Our commercial plumbers are trained to carry out extensive jobs in the largest offices with maximum efficiency. Our plumbing services are available for you 24/7. So, even if a fault occurs in the middle of the night, there is no need to worry. We are just a call away from you to fix your plumbing woes in no time.

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons why most industries and offices go for our services. Wondering why you should choose us? Well, here’s why.

  • We have the experienced to handle big commercial projects.
  • We are available anytime. Our 24/7 service makes us highly flexible.
  • Transparent pricing – Unlike other plumbing companies which dig holes in the company’s pockets, we keep our pricing absolutely realistic and fair.
  • Highly trustworthy and licensed technicians available to work for you.

We, at Santos Plumbing Services, have been serving household and commercial places for decades. We have the right experience and knowledge to meet commercial plumbing for your office – big or small. Our state-of-the-art equipment, great prices and talented technical team make us the most popular plumbing company in the GTA.