Domestic Water Services

Santos Plumbing provides efficient water supply line upgrade services throughout the city of Toronto. Upgrading your main water line system is an effective solution for poor water pressure and removing lead concentration. Thinking of changing your old water lead pipes? Call Santos plumbers for complete range of water services in Toronto & GTA.

Efficient Water System = Elixir of Plumbing

Residential water supply systems employ small diameter pipe for branching out the water supply after the water mains. Water pressure in the main line is very high. The individual plumbing fixtures installed in the house, including toilets and sinks, cannot handle the extreme pressure in the water mains. The successive branching of pipes (using small diameter pipes) is done to systematically lower the water pressure as it reaches the various fixtures in the home. So, every fixture receives suitable water pressure to operate appropriately.

Over times, the water supply pipe is rusted. The sides are lined with sediments, debris and smudge. This can lower the water pressure or infect the water with bacteria/virus. If you use direct water for cooking or drinking, then installing a new copper pipe or water filter is highly recommended.

Installing a new copper pipe has many advantages. First, you can access more water at suitable pressure for myriad tasks simultaneously. Secondly, the sediments or rust levels in the water are reduced drastically. Copper does not react with non-oxidizing agents. In open air, it forms a green patina on its surface. Thick copper water lines are great for underground water service and distribution. They are also good for vacuum systems and snow melting.

At Santos, we undertake the following:

  • Install new Copper pipes ranging from 3/4″ to 1″ water supply lines.
  • Upgrade Plumbing for more water – use shower, laundry and dishwasher simultaneously.
  • Install new clean copper pipes and remove galvanized rusted pipes.
  • Upgrade drain waste vent system for high plumbing efficiency

To book a residential plumbing appointment with our technicians call us now. Contact us to install new copper water supply line.

Reason of Low Water Pressure in Homes

A blockage or leak in the pipe is the prime reason attributed to low water pressure. Pipe leak can cause your water bills to spike significantly. Sediment build-up in pipes and water heater can reduce water flow over time? Small diameter supply lines are another reason behind depleting pressure. Faulty main shut-off valve can also cause pressure to drop across lines. Lead or cast iron pipe exchange is other reason behind low water pressure.

Upgrading Water Supply System

The plumbing system in your home consists of two parts:

  1. Water service and distribution system
  2. Drain Waste Vent System

Water Service System – It carries the fresh water that is fit for consumption and daily use. The main water line also forms a part of this system. The piping layout for this system is split into two parts further. One provides water (after routing through softener) to certain fixtures which need cold water such as bathtubs, sink, toilets and laundry equipment. Exterior faucets, including sill cocks or hose bibs, are also provided water through this piping system. The other piping system carries the water first to the softener and then to the heater. The hot water from the heater is delivered to the various plumbing fixtures.

Drain Waste Vent System – Water main entry into the house has a main shut-off valve and the water meter. Meter measures the quantity of water used for calculating billing amount. The shut-off valve allows you to completely cut-off or stops the water service to the entire house for plumbing repairs or emergency. However, there is another valve located near the water closet or toilet tank that allows you to stop water supply to toilets without hampering home water supply. This valve controls the drain waste vent system of the home – a plumbing system meant to remove waste from home.

Some water supply lines in the distribution system work on pressure due to gravity also. These can be smaller than drain pipes in diameter. The pipes working under high pressure are vulnerable to leaks and bursting. Toronto plumbing law dictates that water in homes should be 80 psi or less.

Eliminate Lead Pipes with Copper Pipes

As per professional Toronto plumbers, healthy pipes work at optimum pressure. And healthy pipes are not made from lead but copper. For past many decades, lead water pipes were in circulation. They were used everywhere including drainage pipes, water closet connections, shower stall safes and flashings for stacks etc. These were installed widely during the 1920s and are primary cause for lead contamination. Though water may not contain lead, but over time water can pick up lead.

Installing copper pipes in old homes is the right solution. Instead of wasting your money on lead filters, choose copper piping. Unlike lead pipes, hot water from the copper pipes does not pick up more lead from lines. Out of the 500,000 water connections in Toronto, 65,000 consist of lead pipes.

Double Check Valve Assembly Prevents Backflow

DCVA or Double Check Valve Assembly works to prevent water backflow at your home. At Santos, our plumbers replace and install back-flow prevention device. Two valves in a series ensure that system works flawlessly in case of valve failure. We evaluate your premises to suggest backflow prevention device out of ‘Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly’ or ‘Double Check Valve Assembly’. Our technicians are registered for installation of DCVA as they are Calibration certified. All the installation work meets the standards and specifications.

Water Pipe Installation with Trenchless Technology

Trenchless simply means no digging. This revolutionary technology means that plumbing installation is done without removing excessive earth. Its methods include mechanical spot repair, thermo-formed pipes, replacing existing pipes without excavation and pipe bursting repairs. Thermo-formed or slip-lining pipe lining involves lining interior of an existing pipe without digging. Trenchless technology is highly cost-effective and efficient for plumbing.

Affordable Water Services by Santos

Simply contact Santos plumbing services for extensive water services both residential and commercial. We analyze your premises to provide you with ideal solution regarding water services. From lead pipe replacement to main water supply line upgrade, we handle all the services in this category.

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