Reliable Plumbing Solutions in North York from Santos Plumbers

Maintenance of plumbing utilities is a must for homes and offices. Often people ignore it and don’t take it seriously. Only when a serious plumbing issue strikes them do they realize its importance. There are a lot of tasks related to plumbing such as drain cleaning, pipe repairing, replacing valves etc. And we at Santos Plumbers excel in providing reliable plumbing service in Toronto.

In the North York region, Santos Plumbing Services are well-known for providing a wide array of water and plumbing services. Best plumbing practices, great prices and experienced and licensed plumbers make us the most preferred choice of people in the North York region.

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Our Plumbing Services in North York

Drain Snaking

Pipes and drains in any building are often accumulated with debris and other kind of junk. This makes the situation difficult for the flow of water. To clean this junk and displace it from its position, drain snaking technique is used. Here, a steel or plastic wire is pushed deep inside the drain with the help of a motor to displace the obstruction. After the junk/debris is removed, the pipe is washed down with water.

Lead Pipe Removal

Properties in North York that were constructed before 1950s used lead pipes for plumbing extensively. However, later it was discovered that lead pipes contaminate the water since lead is highly carcinogenic in nature. The buildings that still use such pipes should seek a replacement ASAP. Removal of lead pipes in North York ensures that the water to be used for daily purpose is free from contamination.

Plumbing Rough In

Plumbing rough in is basically a free estimate price of your particular plumbing work. Plumbing rough in also comes to use when a new building or home is being constructed. Once, the builders and carpenters have completed much of their work, then the plumbers are called in for plumbing installation before walls, floors etc. are closed. A rough in is especially useful for homeowners to get a fairly good idea about how much they are going to spend on the installation of plumbing utilities and fixtures. To get a budget-friendly plumbing rough in for your new home, contact Santos plumbing Service today.

Sink and Faucet Installation

We have an extensive service network for the installation of plumbing utilities in the North York region. We specialize in sink and faucet installation. If you wish to replace your old or faulty sink and faucets, then we can replace them in no time at a great price. The fixtures nowadays are equipped with a lot of advanced features like touch operation, water conserving nozzles etc. Getting your old style faucets and sinks replaced with new designer ones will really rev up the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Dishwasher Installation

Every kitchen has a dishwasher. The reason is justified – it really makes the cleaning process easy. However, an ill-fitted dishwasher can pose serious problems for homeowners. Leaky pipes and inlets can lead to water build up in the kitchen. Hence, it is essential for you to get the dishwasher installed perfectly without any flaws. We, at Santos, are experts in dishwasher installation services. Installing a dishwasher can be a daunting task and therefore it is better if you hire professional help.

Drain Camera Inspection

To fix broken/leaky pipes, there is a need to locate the damaged area with exact precision. To attain this, we make extensive use of CCTV cameras. One of our plumbers drops a wire with a camera on one end into the pipe, and watches the insides of the pipe on a screen. CCTV drain inspection pinpoints the areas where the pipes are damaged by roots or broken under pressure. With this we are able to locate the damaged portion effectively and thus treat it effectively.

Our major services include:

  • Kitchen plumbing installation
  • Sump pump installation
  • Dishwasher installation and repair
  • Bathroom sink installation & repair
  • Sink strainer installation
  • Bathroom drain pipe installation
  • New toilet installation
  • Sink trap installation
  • Burst & leaky water pipe repair
  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Porcelain sink repair
  • Sink drain stopper repair
  • Plumbing repair services
  • Toilet plumbing installation & repair
  • Sewer line clog inspection & repair
  • Kitchen sink drain installation & repair
  • Sink drain & pipe installation plus repair
  • Bathroom shower, faucet & drain installation
  • Bathtub drain & shower installation & repair
  • Repair & installation of pipes, faucets & fixtures
  • Sewer and drain cleaning
  • Sewer pipe lining
  • Floor drain backwater valve
  • Sump pump backup systems
  • Emergency sump pump repair
  • Sump pump with battery backup
  • Installing various utilities
  • Fixing a catch basin
  • Plumbing rough-in or Estimate
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Power Jet Drain Cleaning
  • Making the basement waterproof
  • Facility to prevent sewer back-flow
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Exterior and interior pipe replacement
  • Garbage disposal system installation
  • 24X7 Emergency Plumbing and Drain Repair
  • Backwater valve installation & maintenance
  • Sump pump installation, replacement, repair & maintenance

For any kind of plumbing requirement in North York, we highly recommend you to go for Santos Plumbing Service. Our hundreds of satisfied customers will also undoubtedly refer you to us because they are impressed by our innovative strategies, world-class equipment and flexible timings.

Our trustworthy and reliable team of plumbers are available at your service 24/7. So the next time when you are in need of plumbing service, just call us and we’ll be there in no time.

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