Plumbing Installation Services

Plumbing services are needed almost in every complex, be it residential or commercial. Water is a basic necessity and to meet this necessity, pipes and proper outlets need to be installed systematically. This installation is a tough task for amateur plumbers. But for professional plumbers like us it is very simple!

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Best Hands for Plumbing Installation

Installation can depend on the type of faucet or pipe that is laid out for a particular room. Some common installation works that are done by us are:


Kitchen– Kitchen uses a lot of water for the purpose of cooking or cleaning. We, at Santos, install a variety kitchen fixtures and equipment. Pipes and drains of all kinds can be installed by us. Some common residential installations include:

  • Taps or faucets of all kinds and types
  • Dishwasher inlet and outlets
  • Refrigerator inlet and outlets
  • Water Purifiers
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Garbage disposal systems

Bathroom– In case of washrooms for residences, we are well equipped and experienced to carry out any installation processes with ease. The following are some of bathroom installations for residences:

  • Faucets of all types and kinds
  • Bathroom wash basins
  • Bidets
  • Inlet and outlets for bathtubs
  • Inlet and outlet for geysers
  • Shower and other related fixtures
  • Jetted tubs
  • Jacuzzi installation

Swimming pool– People who wish to get a swimming pool should definitely choose our reliable and experienced plumbers to get their home swimming pool built in no time. Our best in class pool chemistry and water filter management strategies ensure a better functioning and clean pool. In case of repairs of pool pipes, our trenchless repair technology makes sure that we fix your issues without harming your property.


Washroom– In commercial complexes, washroom facilities are installed to meet the demands of a much greater population as compared to that in homes. They are usually installed at multiple locations at every floor. Thus industrial plumbing installation includes:

  • Urinals
  • Bidets
  • Faucets
  • Wash basins

Industrial Use– Factories or industries make extensive use of water for various operations. In fact, factories employ both cold and hot water in their manufacturing processes. Some common plumbing operations for industries are:

  • Pipes and drains installation for high rise buildings
  • Water purifiers and cleaners
  • Extensive layout of pipes and fixtures
  • Decorative fountains and waterfalls
  • Underground pipe system to irrigate plants and grounds


If your house or office was built earlier (before 1950) then there is a fair chance that the pipes and fixtures used in the building might need a replacement. Some buildings even have lead pipes that contaminate water. For that you need to replace all your pipes and outlets completely. Often in such cases, plumbing companies charge hefty amounts. We, at Santos Plumbing, have very reasonable plans for remodeling of your plumbing utilities.

For replacement of pipes and drain systems that are beneath the ground, we favor trenchless technology. It enables us to replace or repair the old pipes without digging.

Water Conservation

To help save water in your Toronto home or business,  our knowledgeable and experienced team of plumbers can give you scores of plans and strategies to reduce water consumption. Such strategies do not include much technology but carefully planned installation.

Saving your water can really make a difference on your utility bills. Industries and businesses that make extensive use of water can employ certain plans to re-use water for cooling and heating purposes. Unlike other amateur plumbing companies, we at Santos, think about ‘Mother Earth’ too. We are always striving hard to develop certain innovative techniques and designs to save water and be as eco-friendly as possible.

Our company, Santos Plumbing Services, is the best plumbing solution company in Toronto. With best prices, high quality and reliable plumbing team, no wonder we are the leaders in local plumbing industry.

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