Frozen pipe? Prevent Pipe Freezing Catastrophes

Professional Help for Winter-spring water Pipe leaks

Frozen Pipe

Frozen water pipe is a grave concern during winter. With the onslaught of winters in Toronto, comes the risk of pipes freezing due to low temperatures. In cold winter weather, pipes face an enormous pressure running into thousands of PSI making them vulnerable to bursting. This can cause unusual flooding or water scarcity in homes.

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Winter is coming! Are your Pipes Ready? Our plumbers are Ready to Help with Frozen Pipes

What are the Dangers of Frozen Pipes?

Our experienced plumbers answer this general query about frozen pipes on a daily basis. Most people don’t pay much attention until the situation turns grave. In winters, temperatures in Toronto can drop well below 0 Celsius. With water freezing in the pipes, the pipes start to clog. Freezing water expands significantly and takes up more space. Inside the pipe, this clamoring for more space puts extreme pressure on the pipe walls. The intense pressure can cause the pipe to burst or crack. Such emergency plumbing situations can cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Preparing Ahead for Frozen Pipes

The phenomenon of frozen pipes can be prevented by preparing in advance. You can save hundreds of dollars on potential plumbing repairs. By taking preventive measures you can prevent frozen pipes. As per our plumbers in Toronto, pipes most vulnerable to freezing are located:

  • Outside in the open
  • Attached to an outside wall
  • unheated crawl space

Pipes situated in Non-HVAC areas of the home including basement, attic, garage or crawl space is very much susceptible to freezing. Areas and walls that are not insulated properly and pipes running into the open are also at high risk of freezing. Pipes or plumbing fixtures that pass through open areas or broken windows without heat wrapping freeze over. For example, the garden hose, external faucets are out in the open and have 100% chances of freezing over.

Hot water pipes must be winterized properly to avoid freezing. Cold winter air can travel into the pipe and freeze the water leading to a blockage. Take preventive action before it’s too late. Call Santos plumbers to take stock of the situation.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions Don’t Always Work

Some homeowners take matters into their own hands. But without the proper skill and tools, their efforts don’t bear much result. A torch can yield temporary results by freezing a certain section of the pipe. Wrapping the pipe with insulated material can also have desirable effects. It gently warms the ice eliminating further build-up. Pouring boiling water on the frozen pipe is another temporary solution.

Frozen connections are a much more serious issue compared to pipes. The connections can be tinkered with a wrench. And when frozen, these connections can break at the twist of the wrench. It is best to heat up the joint with penetrating oil or water and then approach with a wrench. Gentle action yields positive results on frozen pipes.

Frozen Pipe Pipe-thawing Techniques

There are several things you can do to thaw your home’s pipes. Here’s a list:

Frozen Pipe

  • Hot water is, perhaps, the most popular pipe-thawing method. To start, wrap the pipe with burlap bag or towel to concentrate heat over a certain area. Carefully pour hot water on the towel. Ensure that there is a bucket underneath to collect hot water to be used again.
  • Propane torches are another less messy albeit dangerous option. You need a flame-spreader nozzle equipped propane torch. After reading the instructions, carefully ignite the torch and focus on the frozen pipe. Keep safe distance from the wall behind. Fix a fire-proof material near the surrounding area. Move the flame back and forth. Do not concentrate the flame excessively over one spot.
  • Hair dryer and heat lamps are other safer yet effective methods of tackling frozen pipes.

When All Else Fails, It Is Time to Call the Professionals

Frozen pipes, in all their likelihood, demand professional hands. Licensed plumbers have years of experience in dealing with winter frozen pipes. We regularly train our recruits for these emergency situations. We know how to get your home’s pipes flowing uninterrupted. We can even handle underground pipe freezing incidents with ease.

If you're experiencing clogged or slow sewage lines, our plumbers are equipped to perform hydro jetting. This should take care of clogged sewage issues.

Santos at Your Service – Prompt Response to Frozen Pipes in Toronto

Plumbers warn that water pipes freezing in brutal winters are common despite taking necessary precautions. Even when you winterize your home, weather can have its way. People coming home after vacation in the winter are definitely looking at frozen water pipes.

Our Santos Toronto Plumbing Company is a renowned, organized and trusted firm that assists local residents and businesses with complete range of plumbing and drain solutions. Give us the opportunity to handle your frozen pipes. Rest assured, we will deliver beyond your expectations while dealing with drainage and plumbing issues.

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