Toronto’s Best Plumbers Tell their Story

We, at Santos Plumbing Service, have been in the business of plumbing and water services for decades. We are specially equipped to handle the plumbing demands of Canada’s most popular city – Toronto, with great enthusiasm and pride. We are a leading plumbing company when it comes to water solutions. Affordable drain services, advanced water services, and experienced plumbers are some of our best qualities.

why do we offer the top plumbing services in the GTA? Our licensed plumbers have demonstrated exemplary customer service to earn the top spot. Be it drain cleaning or backwater valve installation, trust our experts. We have hundreds of satisfied customers across Toronto who trust us generation after generation.

Call us for any plumbing and water related service and experience why hundreds of households in Toronto trust us.

Advance Plumbing Equipment & Tools

The equipment and tools we use for repairs are the latest and greatest technologies in the plumbing industry. These are some of the most innovative machines that the plumbing industry has ever seen. While other amateur Toronto plumbing companies are still using harsh acidic chemicals for drain cleaning, we on the other hand have been using safe and advanced techniques such drain snaking and hydro-jetting techniques for a long time.

Our reliable team of plumbers are trained for repairs and installations using advanced Trenchless technology. No digging, no excavation! Other companies will dig up your property to fix the underground pipes thereby damaging your property. But with the Trenchless technique we can fix the same problems with zero digging. The result – a more clean, fast and efficient way to fix or install drains and repair underground pipes.

Lowest Prices on Plumbing Services

Fake plumbing companies often add extra hidden charges to the bills. This is mainly because, homeowners usually are unaware of the technical terms or procedures and therefore end up paying more. We, at Santos, respect our customers and value their trust. We lower our overhead costs and pass on the benefits to customers. Be it drain cleaning, sump pump installation, plumbing repair or a simple drain camera inspection, trust us for lowest prices.

Our plumbing services do not include hidden charges and are permanent till work completion. We keep our prices within the customer’s reach. We will match or beat our customer’s price by at least 10%.

Industrial Grade Plumbing Services – Commercial Water Services in Toronto

Apart from residential places, we are also renowned among the local industry for commercial plumbing projects. We work on every type of large and small plumbing contracts for companies and industrial houses. In case of a large corporation, with many offices in the GTA area, then we are just the right company to meet your comprehensive plumbing demands. Our commercial plumbers in Toronto offer industrial services including multiple-floor plumbing maintenance, intricate piping works, drain repair, multi-storey plumbing etc.

Reliable Plumbers for Service

Other than the equipment or parts, our biggest strength is our great plumbing team. Our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers display exemplary service standards. They are well trained drain repair team can handle any kind of repair – big or small. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority.

Our sincerity and dedication is the reason why hundreds of homeowners have become our loyal customers. They are quick for practical plumbing solutions that save money. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. So, even if your faucet starts flooding your house at night or bathroom drain has blocked, don’t panic. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to fix it.

None of our competitors match us in terms of service, quality and pricing. Call Santos Plumbing Service to experience the best in Toronto plumbing services.